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ÉPOCA Nº II. Nº 6, Año 2011 : 49-50

La filosofía de la educación como servicio público

Philosophy of Education as Public Servant

University of London, United Kingdom
Recibido: 18/10/2010
Aprobado: 19/10/2010
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Cómo citar: John WHITE. "La filosofía de la educación como servicio público", en Bajo Palabra, Revista de Filosofía,  ÉPOCA Nº II. Nº 6, Año 2011, pp. 49-50.

Philosophy of education explores philosophical issues arising in education. There is no shortage of these. Educational goals are a good starting place. What should parents, teachers and others involved in upbringing and formal education be aiming at? Developing moral sensibility? A broad understanding of the major fields of knowledge? Preparation for citizenship? Helping the learner towards a fulfilling life? Induction into the world of work? What priorities should there be among such aims?

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