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ÉPOCA Nº II. Nº 6, Año 2011 : 179-184

Filosofía de la Educación. VV.AA., Guillermo HOYOS VÁSQUEZ (Ed.). Madrid: Trotta & CSIC.

Philosophy of Education

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Cómo citar: Bianca THOILLIEZ . "Filosofía de la Educación. VV.AA., Guillermo HOYOS VÁSQUEZ (Ed.). Madrid: Trotta & CSIC.", en Bajo Palabra, Revista de Filosofía,  ÉPOCA Nº II. Nº 6, Año 2011, pp. 179-184.

Having four pages at most to comment on a book consisting of fifteen different contributions is quite a challenge. It is even more daunting, I find, when the contributions are all featured in a volume that bears the generic title of “Philosophy of Education”. All this may seem to make it an unlikely candidate for a critical review. But the unlikelihood is in appearance only, given that the book in question forms part (specifically, “part” number 29) of the Iberian-American Encyclopaedia of Philosophy. Moreover, the authors of its chapters and the editor, professor Guillermo Hoyos Vásquez, are all well-known scholars in the area of the philosophy of education being written (and read) in Spanish and Portuguese on both sides of the Atlantic. These two circumstances alone clearly make the book worthy of study, and also make it particularly relevant on this occasion for inclusion in a publication of the characteristics of this monographic issue. Its belonging is based on the fact that this volume well serves the purpose of providing a panoramic view of Iberian- American contemporary philosophy of education. In the analysis that follows, I will try to connect the contributions by attending to their subject matter and approach, which in some cases will mean changing the order in which the chapters are originally presented.

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